New Member Education Program

Gamma Phi Beta’s new member program starts on Bid Day when our sisters are welcomed home and ends after the new members become active members through our initiation rituals. The purpose of our program is to effectively transition our new sisters into Gamma Phi Beta as well as the Greek community in general. The program takes the members though the history of Gamma Phi Beta starting with our founders and the foundation that our sorority was built on. We study the importance of our four core values: love, labor, learning and loyalty. The new members get every bit of information that they need to be a successful member of our sisterhood. Our goal is to make the new members understand that all voices matter from a new member to an active senior. We want our members to strive to the highest type of womanhood and feel the love and support our sisterhood offers. During our 7-10 week meetings girls are introduced to members with all sizes of positions so that they are getting to not only grow closer as a pledge class but as a sisterhood United. Through this program the members also receive a mentoring relationship with an older member which we call “Mom/daughter” pairings. The goal of this relationship is to support our REAL leadership  program (responsible, ethical, authentic, lifelong) so that our members are supported to make healthy decisions now and in their future. We want to see all of our members be successful! We look forward to growing our sisterhood!