Official Philanthropy – Building Strong Girls

Gamma Phi Beta’s philanthropy is unique in the fact that it is the idea of building strong girls by simply spending time with them, mentoring, and finding fun ways to show them self-worth. We do this by partnering with organizations such as Girls on the Run that help young girls to grow stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. Any woman can relate to our philanthropy by thinking of when you were a young girl and the effect a female role model can have on you by helping you realize that being a girl is a powerful thing and should never be viewed negatively.

How We Help

Girls on the Run 5k


We love partnering with the organization Girls on the Run. This organization creates after school programs for young girls where they participate in activities that train them to run in a 5k. This helps build the girls physically and emotionally and helps them feel a sense of accomplishment in being able to finish a 5k! We love having the opportunity to volunteer for these races by running in them as well as setting up water stations and cheering on the young girls!

Annual Spaghetti Dinner


Every year we host a spaghetti dinner at our on-campus house and open it up to the public. We charge a set amount for a plate of spaghetti, drink, dessert, etc. We also accept donations. All of the proceeds are distributed and donated to organizations, sisters, or alum that the chapter feels needs the help and support.

Annual Nachos and Cheese with Gphi B’s


Like the spaghetti dinner, this is held every year on our on-campus house and is open to the public. We host it the week of our Crescent Classic. We sell nachos, cookies, and drinks. The proceeds are donated to organizations, sisters, or alum that the chapter feels needs the help and support. This year’s event landed during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and we showed our support for any woman or man who has struggled with an eating disorder.



Moonball, formally known as Crescent Classsic, is our annual Volleyball Tournament that we host for other Greek organizations on campus to participate in. Each organization pays for their spot in the tournament and all of the money raised from the event is donated to our philanthropy!